Welcome Back ... AGAIN !!!

We have new guidance, policies and procedures, following government guidelines on managing the risks of covid-19 here at The Bull Inn.

Our control measures 

-All staff members will wash their hands at the beginning, during and at the end of their shifts. Our staff will do a wipe down every hour to minimise the risks, for example , hand washing, wiping of surfaces, stocking hand sanitiser and to enforce social distancing measures.

- A face covering will be required while on our premises - if you are on your feet , you need something on your face, even outside !

-All customers must adhere the rule of '6' 

- Customers must remain seated at all times while on the premises.

- We have limited members of bar staff serving - please be patient ! You will be required to order your drinks/food from your table.

-All customers and visitors will be instructed to wash their hands on arrival and/or use the hand sanitiser provided.

- 1-2 meter physical distancing will be implemented and we will be limiting the amount of customers

-All seating has been has been decreased and positioned in a way to implement social distancing (please book with us to reserve a table)

-We have introduced a clear policy and training on what to do if a staff member has Covid-19.

-Majority of payments will be taken by contactless method or paid for via card or Paypal through our NEW APP (you can order and pay from your seat!)

-We have Perspex barriers around our outside bar.

-We have minimised our touch points.

-You may only enter the pub when using the toilet - this will be monitored so please no loitering.

-Additional control measures will be implemented as required and these rules will be enforced.

Thankyou for your support