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We continue to follow government guidelines, policies and procedures,  on managing the risks of covid-19 here at The Bull Inn.

Our control measures 

-All staff members will wash their hands at the beginning, during and at the end of their shifts. Our staff will do a wipe down every hour to minimise the risks, for example , hand washing, wiping of surfaces, stocking hand sanitiser.

- A face covering is optional whilst on our premises.

- We have limited members of bar staff serving, so if you would still like to continue with table service, please ask a member of staff and  be patient ! 

-We encourage all customers and visitors to wash their hands on arrival and/or use the hand sanitiser provided.

-We have introduced a clear policy and training on what to do if a staff member has Covid-19.

-We encourage payments to be made by card/contactless methods. We will of course still accept cash. 

-Additional control measures will be implemented as required and any additional rules will be enforced.

Thank you for your support 

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