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Roasted Meats of the Day £14.95


Nut Roast £13.50 (V)

Children’s Roast £8.00


All our roasts are served with seasoned roast potatoes, honey glazed parsnips, seasonal vegetables, sausage in bacon, sage & onion stuffing, yorkshire pudding and gravy



Hummus £5.95 (V/VG)

Dressed with olive oil and paprika, and served with toasted pitta and crudities


Chicken Liver Pâté £6.95 (GF option available)

Served with sourdough bread, chutney and rocket


Chili & Coriander Tempura Prawns £7.95 (GF)

Served with soy & ginger dip


Garlic Mushrooms £6.95 (V/GF option available)

Dressed in herb and garlic butter sauce, served with sourdough bread

Loaded Potato Skin £6.45 (V option available)

Served with cheese, springonion, chorizo, sour cream and rocket

Vegan Potato Skin £6.45 (VE/V)

Served with vegan cheese, spring onion and rocket



Meze Platter £16.95

Hummus, chorizo, olives, salami and mozzarella, served with sourdough bread and salad


Mega Chicken £13.95

15 chicken strips, served with garlic mayonnaise, blue cheese sauce and hot sauce


Fish & Chips £13.95

Beer battered white fish served with chips, mushy peas, lemon and tartar sauce


Ham, Egg & Chips £11.95 (GF option available)

Sliced gammon ham served with two fried eggs, grilled pineapple, chips, and peas


Scampi & Chips £12.95

Wholetail scampi served with chips and mushy peas


Katsu Curry £12.95

Buttermilk chicken served with rice and katsu sauce


Liver, Onion & Bacon £13.95

Lambs’ liver cooked with bacon and onions, served with mashed potato and peas


Tempura Veggie Skewers £11.95

(V/VE option available)

Served with toasted pitta, orzo pasta salad and rocket


Pie of the day £13.95 (V option available)

Served with mashed potato, peas ,and gravy


Classic Cheese & Bacon Burger £11.95

(GF Option available)

Beef burger with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, stacked in a brioche bun, served with chips and coleslaw


Buttermilk Chicken Fillet Burger £11.95

Buttermilk chicken breast, lettuce and tomato, stacked in a brioche bun, served with chips, gherkins and coleslaw


Brie & Bacon Burger £13.95 (GF option available)

Beef burger, bacon and brie, stacked in a brioche bun, served with chips, gherkins, rocket

and chutney


The Big Bull Burger £15.95

Cheeseburger, chicken fillet, BBQ pulled pork and lettuce, served with chips

(Add Onion rings for an extra £1.00)


Butternut Squash and Quinoa Burger £12.95 (V)

Butternut Squash and Quinoa burger on grilled mushrooms and red pepper, served with rocket and chilli Jam




Brie & Bacon Panini £9.95 (GF option available)

Served with chips


BBQ Pulled Pork Panini with mozzarella £10.50 (GF option available)

Served with chips and coleslaw

Mozzarella, Pesto and Tomato Panini £9.00  (V)

Served with chips

Tuna Melt Panini £10.50 (V)

Tuna and melted cheese panini, served with chips

Swap your Chips for Sweet Potato Fries for an extra £1.00


Chicken Strips £6.95

Served with chips & beans


Beef Burger £5.95 (GF option available)

Served with chips


Meatballs £5.95

Served with mash potato, peas and gravy


Hot Dog £5.95

Served with chips

Swap your Chips for Sweet Potato Fries for an extra £1.00



Chips - £3.00  (V)


Cheesy Chips - £4.00 (V)


Loaded Chips -  £5.50

Cheese, bacon, sour cream, spring onion


Sweet Potato Fries - £4.00 (V)


Beer Battered Onion Rings - £2.95 (V)


Garlic bread - £4.95 (V)


Garlic bread with cheese - £5.95 (V)



Apple Crumble £5.95 (V)

Served with warm custard or ice-cream


Sticky Toffee Pudding  £5.95

Served with warm custard or ice-cream


Vanilla Cheesecake  £6.25 (V)

Served with passion fruit coulis


Chocolate Brownie  £5.95 (V/VG)

Served with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce


Chocolate Sundae  £6.25

Two scoops of chocolate ice-cream, one scoop of vanilla ice-cream, brownie chunks, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream and a wafer


Ice-Cream £4.50 (V/GF)

Three scoops of either vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice-cream

One Scoop Ice-Cream (V/GF)

One scoop of either vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice-cream




V – Vegetarian    VG – Vegan    GF – Gluten Free

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